Rude noises

Here are some short sound samples from the Rude Mechanicals - just a small selection from a very large and varied repertoire. Most of these are from the albums Sergeant Early's dream and Lady Pentweazle's maggot.

  1. Leeds polka
  2. Brink of the white rocks
  3. Happy hours
  4. Sergeant Early's dream
  5. Be gone from the window
  6. Prins Egeni's march
  7. Stemning fra Steigjela
  8. Sheffield / Stockton hornpipes
  9. Shetland bus
  10. Lady Pentweazle's maggot
  11. O'Connell's farewell
  12. Liam Brown's polka set
  13. Wild hills of Wannies
  14. Brezon waltz
  15. Navvy on the line