Lady Pentweazle's maggot

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This CD from the Rude Mechanicals includes some musical gems found in collections dating back to the 19th Century and earlier (when 'maggot' meant a whimsical fancy), through to some recently-written tunes and a few that are well known among local players in Sussex. Arrangements and accompanying parts are by the Rude Mechanicals.

Here's the track list:

1. Sheffield hornpipe / Stockton hornpipe
2. Friar's breeches
3. Leaving Friday Harbour
4. Liam Brown's / Jer the rigger / Sullivan's
5. Cahiramee
6. CiG Polska
7. O'Connell's farewell
8. Shetland bus
9. Hot punch / Little burnt potato
10. Dorsetshire hornpipe / West End
11. Rosin the bow
12. Santa Claus
13. Biddlestone hornpipe / Proudlock's
14. Gentiane mazurka / Brezon waltz
15. Trip to Brighton / Uncle Bernard's
16. Wild hills of Wannies
17. Navvy on the line / Laird of Gulberwick
18. Vals a Lulu
19. Humours of Wapping / Lady Pentweazle's maggot
20. Girl with a blue dress / Unfortunate tailor / Percy Brown's
21 Pilvi & Esko's waltz


"A cracking album of really fine traditional music" (Mike Harding)

Great value at ₤10 if bought in person from the band, or ₤12 by mail order.

Or you can buy this CD together with the latest one, Sergeant Early's dream, for the bargain combined price of ₤15 in cash or ₤17 by mail order.