Huge music resource

The Rude Mechanicals have assembled a huge archive of music notation, many with harmony arrangements. They are freely available here for downloading as printable A4 pdf documents:

Original tunes and arrangements by the Rude Mechanicals are subject to copyright but are made freely available here.

Arrangements and chord sequences are as the Rude Mechanicals play them and do not represent anything more authentic or traditional than Rude preferences.

As far as we know there are no restrictions on anything in the library, but we will remove any tunes if advised otherwise, or amend acknowedgements if any arrangements or other details are wrongly attributed.

*The tunes in the 'untitled' list are ones that Barry recorded at various local sessions and then notated ... if you know any of their titles please email us and we will give them their rightful identities.

Music on stave

And in ABC format

Nearly all the tunes in the library are also available in the popular and very flexible text-based music notation software ABC.
Click here for ABC files

Tunebooks with audio