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The Rude Mechanicals' repertoire is extremely wide-ranging, enabling us to produce programmes suitable for a wide variety of occasions and functions.

Foot-tapping tunes from the British Isles, Europe and America are played on an array of different instruments - some familiar, others quite unusual.

A speciality of the Rude Mechanicals is to take tunes from the rich folk heritage of the UK and elsewhere and give them new dimensions with special arrangements.

The material ranges from recently-written pieces to tunes drawn from collections dating back to the 19th Century or earlier. The repertoire also includes tunes written by the Rude Mechanicals.

All delivered with distinctive style and a whole lot of fun!

Latest: new solo CD by Mick

CD artwork The band's ace keyboard player, Mick Parker, has released a new CD of piano solos - a highly varied selection of traditional and new tunes with original arrangements.
Details here.

The Rude Mechanicals on CD

CD artwork

Sergeant Early's dream

The latest CD - a selection of great tunes from the musical traditions of the British Isles and Europe, all delivered with distinctive instrumental arrangements. CD details here

CD artwork

Lady Pentweazle's maggot

Musical gems from the traditional archives of the UK and elsewhere, specially arranged for a variety of instruments. CD details here